Coatesville Missionary Baptist Church


You Are Always Welcome

Coatesville Missionary Baptist Church in Coatesville, IN, was founded in 1870 as a missionary effort of one of the Baptist Conventions. When modernism and compromise began to permeate the convention, the church withdrew and became independent sometime around 1930. It remains an independent, fundamental, conservative Baptist church. Its building was destroyed by a tornado in 1948, and a new building was erected and put into use in 1949. With some modernization, this is the building used today. It has an auditorium that seats approximately 120 people, plus the stage area, baptismal, and a basement with nursery, kitchen facilities, meeting area, and several classrooms. Our church is in a rural area, with the actual town of Coatesville being small in size. There are medium-sized towns that surround us about a 20 minute drive in several directions. Indianapolis is about 40 minutes away.   Several recent pastors include Pastors Malcolm Neier. Fred Tanselle, and Kevin Gaugler, all of whom served for many years and worked to continue the fundamental, Bible-based preaching and teaching of the church.  Some of the other pastors that have served in this ministry since its inception include Steve Vaughn, Russell Revell, and Warren Crow, among others.  We have a strong missionary emphasis, use conservative, Gospel-centered music, and  have maintained an active AWANA program for 25 years.  You will find a loving, kind, and caring spirit among our members and regular attenders.

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